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Safari imgTag Extension

9th Jun 2010

Inspired by the Firefox addon ‘imgTag’, this simple Safari extension adds a ‘Make img Tag’ option to the context menu to create img tags from right-clicked images. Some additional markup schemes can be activated in the extension settings, including BBCode,…

Title Case for Movable Type

22nd May 2008

John Gruber shared a code snippet that converts strings to Title Case. It’s actually more clever than it sounds, taking into account the need to keep a collection of small words uncapitalised, and correctly handling punctuation issues. Here’s a version…

SVN Helper Script for RoboFab

18th Mar 2007

Following on from my article about version control for typeface development, I’ve updated the “Export to UFO and commit to SVN” python script I used as an example. This present article will be the script’s permanent home. I can’t offer…